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jan says April 16, 2015 at 7:11 pm i still prefer chrome. Barbara Rose · 10 May 2016 - 01:35 2 · · Firefox 46.0 on Windows Bwahahah - oh geez, some of these people complainin' ... You can get the latest of each supported browser here: Google Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Mac users can try the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. on way out. navigate here

Are we paying for this? if you see any with a red "X", then that piece of hardware is bad. Here is the link if you are concerned: https://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/ lovetheavs420 cat says April 17, 2015 at 1:41 pm I am saddened to see java not work on Chrome. For details choose your operating system : If you can access a website at office or from a 3G network yet it's not working on your computer, it is a good

Pogo Compatibility Scan

The graphics are better on Chrome. Upgrade your shit!!!!!!!!! It happens even less I'm noticing with Aviator and Opera with the Flash games, which makes it the browser of choice, bc we can play all of our java games there, Clicking Yes, may terminate the program.

Amber Hollon · 10 May 2016 - 01:28 1 · · Chrome 50.0 on Android have been trying to play . Well, don't worry. Thanks! Pogo Help Now, where to go? (I have win 7 Pro as an OS.

I don't even click on for an update when Pogo says the flash needs to be updated (and provides a link to go to). Best Browser For Pogo Games eventually. The last 2 years it has gone down hill. click site I didn't even need to re-start in safe mode to fix it.

Pogo is my main de stresser in my life and now got something else to worry about. Why Does Pogo Keep Freezing Post Now Download Games Get assistance with Download Games in the Download Games Help Center. with dial up. I'd wager you have a software conflict somewhere and with a little time and effort, you should be able to fix it.

  1. It is a shame for pogo to lose 1 out of the 3 top browsers though.
  2. Hope Pogo updates all their games to ‘flash' , Java always seem to have problems.
  3. but the fact is pretty much every software has some kind of vulnerability.
  4. Shane Meoli · 10 May 2016 - 01:18 0 · · Firefox 46.0 on Windows captains log start date sometime pogo is offline Michelle Bean · 10 May 2016 - 01:17
  5. Check the sites security.
  6. Note: Two buttons on top by green [PROTECTED] button.

Best Browser For Pogo Games

do something else like read a book. http://news.pogo.com/faqs/ I've been using Chrome because it comes with Flash and automatically updates. Pogo Compatibility Scan Jennifer says April 17, 2015 at 6:58 pm I don't know where the information that Opera is a "new" browser came from. Pogo Games Won't Load In Internet Explorer I like things just as they've been. 🙂 I must be old (even though I'm only 39 going on 21.

Slowing down could be that there are just too many programs installed in start up or from malware. check over here Surely that can't have been in their game plan to take over the world? I love Chrome, and it's the browser I use almost exclusively. Thanks in advance !! Pogo Not Working On Windows 10

On Firefox I had some issues and that is why I switched. If that doesn't help you or you can't make heads or tails from what you find there, don't give up! Help Resources Installing Java Remove Older Versions Disable Java Using Java General Questions Mobile Java Security Support Options Select Language | About Java | Support | Developers | Feedback Privacy | http://swiftinv.com/pogo-games/pogo-keeps-crashing-me.html I still only go to the Adobe site for the update and any download.

Next time you get a STOP, make note of what you were doing when it happened. Pogo Complaints This truly is repairable. kathy says April 17, 2015 at 12:28 pm #53 dont click on the abode flasher it is virus see #47 note about it.

Clicking No, the application or applet continues to run.

Having Problems with Accessing Pogo.com? ▼ MORE THAN 6 MONTHS AGO ... TigerWoodsBstEvr says April 16, 2015 at 9:43 pm I think far too much of this is being made of it than what it should. Chrome is now the most used browser and I don't see many people wanting to "jump through hoops" to play a game on Pogo, especially if they are new to the Pogo Gym Error For all the Java games, I use Firefox and have had no trouble.

If Java is being abandoned by Microsoft and all browsers, eventually, as Tiger and others have mentioned, more than Pogo will be affected. I guess I know this not the "answer" because of security matters and such but… the thing is I mainly use Firefox and IE but coincidently I used Chrome for Java If that's new then Firefox must be embryonic as it saw its initial release in 2002. weblink I don't understand the comparison to dial up.

Using the STOP error screen I found the problem: the keyboard driver installed by HP was conflicting with the OS. Every once in awhile something will hiccup and I will need to use another browser. If they all come back with checkmarks, then that's great. I have to actually click the badge link itself to get that option.

Monnie Bagby · 10 May 2016 - 03:39 1 · · Safari 9.0 on iPad I am laughing here....yes pogo is down...yes I have been and still am a paying member..for So just like in many other things with computers, it's a good idea to have a back-up just in case, and this is probably no exception! 😉 For everyone else(especially us Cookies Cookies Enabled should equal True. wth..

I will honestly say in a pinch, I can use FF on someone else's machine on Pogo, and it hasn't given me any problems, but typically only use it to play Java.com Download Help How do I resolve problems running Pogo games? One of mine ended today so does that mean I lose all the progress? I use both Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7 -- the only reason I never switched from Firefox is the left side fixed bookmarks menu.

Michael McCracken · 21 June 2016 - 13:32 0 · · Firefox 47.0 on Windows It's working for me even though this site says it's down. Good luck. in the middle of the game it freezes and drops me then tells me that the servers are backed up then tells me that it cannot get into pogo at all Now it says all the rooms are closed - Arrrrrrggggghhhh Deborah Poarch · 21 July 2016 - 16:10 0 · · Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows I can't play boggle bash,

Otherwise they can update Safari through the Mac Apps store. BTW I still think Java games play better than Flash games. So far no big trouble getting places with chrome on Pogo hope that contuines ikeandsan114 (sandy) says April 17, 2015 at 7:40 am To RchVanho2 Hi….. Once you find your error (and you WILL find it cataloged somewhere because you are not the first or the last to have that same error) you should be able to

Please follow the instructions below. Jamanda Nielsen · 20 July 2016 - 21:05 1 · · Firefox 47.0 on Windows This is just ridiculous. If you notice a game that does not respond to your mouse input, resetting the zoom level to 100% should fix this issue. It is not a Pogo site wide problem.