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Please Help! WinAntivirus and Infostealer have taken over!

Please Help! OE won't exit

Please help! me remove my Vundo.gen.g virus

PLEASE HELP! - Pop-ups keep appearing - HijackThis! included!

Please help. Netzero V7 hangs

Please help. Ongoing PostHijack problems

Please help! Worm.

Please help! spyware. hijack included

Please help. Craziness in the computer.

Please help. hijack this log inclsded

Please help. Possible keylogger

Please HELP. xp

Please Help. Porn Dialer

Please help. I have a d.exe error and HijackThis log

Please help. I have the sspmydoom virus

Please Help. I need to remove surf sidekick 3!

Please Help. HJT logfile

Please Help. PSW Trojan and other spy/malware. HJT Log posted

Please help. spent too much time trying to fix-- HJT log posted

Please help. Infected with geebb.dll and other viruses!

Please help. squire?

Please help. My Control Panel is gone. Multiple viruses.

Please HELP!- svchost.exe termination/ Microsoft problems

Please help. Virumonde detected

please help. spyworm.win32

Please help. Virus concern with hijackthis log inside.

please help. hjt file attached

Please help: Trojan-downloader-conhook and Trojan Slcakbot

Please help. HJT file posted.

Please help! HijackThis Log inside(WEIRD)

Please help: Trojan-gpix

Please help. computer infected with trojandownloader.xs


Please help. HJT log enclosed

Please help! Trojan.BHO.H

Please help. Constant crashing!

Please help. All the sudden I'm filled with viruses

Please Help: My.Freeze Net assitant

Please Help: Mypoiskovik Hijack Problem

Please help; Kaspersky & Hijack This log included.

Please Help: Adware infestation

Please help! E310 freezes

Please Help: Google Redirect + Possible Trojan (Vundo/tdssinit.dll)

Please help. VX2 popup nightmare!

Please help! How do I open Works 4.5 files with Works 9.0?

Please Help: WinAntivirusPro 2008

Please Help! Internet Explorer Home Page Change (HijackThis)

please help. USB Device Not recognized message

Please help! Sextracker is back!

please help. windows explorer error. hijackthis log here. thanks.

Please Help! Sims 2

please help; printer prints out weird ascii fonts

please help; panda antivirus causes bsos windows 2000 pro

Please help. Intermittent Internet? Or

please help! spybot didn't find anything!

Please Help. Wierd 360 Problem

PLEASE HELP! Intel 815 Desktop Motherboard Jumper Settings

Please Help! Spyware and Bad Stuff - HijackThis log included

Please help with this hjt logfile

Please Help! two Questions!

Please Help! Computer So Screwed!

Please help! Which to choose?

Please help. TV Tuner ?

Please Help. Hiloti virus?

Please help. HJT log posted

PLEASE HELP. cant get IP address

Please help. I'm at a loss. step by step instructions - hosting Website on XP Pro

Please help: Removal "Bloodhound.Exploit.196"

Please help! Browser hijacked again.hjt log

Please Help. It's Urgent

Please Help: Printing Background in Microsoft Word

Please help; WinMin

Please Help: BB Desktop manager Installation opens up everytime i play a video in WMP

Please Help. Continuous system restore and browser redirecting.

Please Help: SLOW computer - hijack this log

Please HELP: exes removed + IBM personal info leak?

PLEASE HELP? 2nd time posting this.

Please help? no replies on previous post.

PLEASE HELP. keylogger suspected

Please Help: MS Removal Tool Warning and ccsetmgr.exe Errors

Please HELP: Brontok.a

Please help: Vista laptop connected to network

Please help. LOPDOTCOM

Please help: browser highjacked--HJT log attached

Please Help. Windows + hal.dll Error

Please help: browser hijacked by

Please help. malware infection (hijackthis log included)


Please help: Cant get rid of Agent.K & Downloader.GK

Please help: HJT Log - This is my work computer!

please help with this weird pc problem

PLEASE HELP! My internet is useless. HJT log included.

Please Help: Malware dll and registry entries keep coming back after deletion

Please help: remove blank window 2 hello4 virus

please help: unknown problem

Please Help! Second post- HiJack This Log Posted

please help. missing driver?

Please help: mobsync.exe problem

PLEASE HELP! Sinowal Trojan on my computer

Please help. Win Min and rundll32 problems

Please help: review my 'HijackThis' log?

Please help: can't remove win32.agent.bm

Please help; RUNDLL error; Hijack log included


Please Help. 211 Infections

PLEASE HELP: USB causes Wireless Internet to Crash

Please help. adserver5

please help/ hijack file pasted

Please Help: Virus Obfuskated

Please help. Interfering running process.

Please Help: DVD Burning Error Message

Please Help. Infected with SystemDoctor

Please help: Kav60 Netbook Factory Restore Problems

Please help. Think I have a virus. HJT incl.

PLEASE HELP! infected with trojan.exploit.131 scan log posted!

please help. Hijack This report attached

Please Help: Adware

please help. MFDnNC

Please help. HJT Log inside. :(

Please Help. pmnklmk.dll

Please Help: Trojan Horse small.58.BP

Please help? Lost my ability to burn.

please help. lots of probs 1st one bein pop ups and virtumonde

Please help. maybe virtumonde

Please Help: Trojan spy.win32

Please help. crazy pop up.

Please help. Google Hijacked.

Please help. Looking for solution on this!

Please Help. Massive computer Failure

Please help: A8N-SLI Premium

please. help me with this. exe virus (w32/everything detected)

Please help. Serious security breach. HJT Log

Please help: Kazaa has Trashed My Machine

Please help. My computer is so messed up.

Please Help: Infected HJT log included

Please Help/ Network Cable Question

Please. Help with my mobo

Please. Help me With The answers!

Please. Help (KXVO.exe and explorer.exe)


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