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Poor Performance With Hitachi HDD


Guest These Statistics Looks OK too me, My two Seagate Momentus(320GB) and One Samsung SpinPoint(320Gb) Dead after almost 13moths and i Even i don't use them much… ( Average 2,3 Hours the problem is it doesn't work unless you already have a WD disk drive all ready installed! kevin How about graphs by drive model with months of service before failure? Hence I would love to see a comparison of enterprise class drive failure rates as well..

I switched from seagate to toshiba about 3 years ago and i have 6 2tb units, which run 24/7, in a small home server used for active/instant backup in all network There's nothing hack about that as long as the system design maintains data availability. It would be insane not to, since they are buying in such huge numbers, and Apple is all about being the premium product. Brizza1982 Very interesting.

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Drive failures from the other manufacturers appear to be less predictable via SMART stats. 6TB Hard Drives We continued to add 6TB drives over the course of 2015, bringing the total First, let me qualify this by saying my company has been writing HDD test software for 15 years, and I've got data on tens of MILLIONS of drives. 1. Click here to join today! I always buy whichever was the cheapest on the market, preferably Seagate (and almost all Barracudas).

  1. There are two different ways to do this, either works.
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  3. With the 4 others that are still in the system, all of them have reallocated sector count error displayed in SMART.
  4. I've been strictly a Seagate Hard Drive owner though and I can almost agree they fail regularly and usually right after warranty or close to end of warranty.
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  6. But the information on my Linux server is at least as important as the information on my other computers.
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  8. http://jmack.parhelic.com/ Jordan Mack Yes, it is a shame that larger companies are not sharing this information.
  9. I've had awful results from so-called Barebones/OEM drives from all retailers, which is why I'll only buy retail kits now, though they are not necessarily easy to find or the best
  10. Vishal Kumar seagate is totaly bas company John XX You guys are awesome for continuing to do this series of blog posts on drive reliability.

Our Hitachi HDD's on the other hand have out lasted all others including WD, Seagatge and lastly Toshiba. But I believe that the data offered here is correct, and it's consistent with what I've observed in my machine rooms. The vendor, however, appears to have shipped me a HUA722020ALA330 Ultrastar A7K2000. St4000dm000 Ian Stevens Am I missing something?

Flying Toaster View Public Profile Send a private message to Flying Toaster Find More Posts by Flying Toaster terrisus Banned (01-21-2015, 06:35 PM) Quote #12 New year, same as the old Hgst Hard Drive However, their poor performance was eclipsed by the 3TB Barracuda 7200.14 units, which had a whopping 43.1 percent failure rate, in spite of an average age of just 2.2 years. Each day we pull the available SMART stats reported by each and every drive. HenkPoley Did you know that Backblaze offers a backup service? ;) 3ogdy Oh great!

If you are interested in getting a 3TB drive, we've had a positive experience with the HGST 3TB drive (model HDS723030ALA640) which can still be found in stock on Amazon for Toshiba Hdd The drives in my server mostly run in the 35 C range, so yours definitely are run cooler. Mac or PC. WD EFRX are entry level consumer drives.

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Awesome. https://www.backblaze.com/blog/a-look-at-backblazes-toshiba-hard-drives/ HH Very glad to hear. Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016 It lasted exactly 5 years and 1 week before failing. Hgst 4tb All rights reserved.

From my experience I agree, and for my personal use I usually buy Western Digital. Engineers are way to expense. My most recent purchases have been 4TB and 6TB drives. If you have 250 WD drives and 5 failed after 15 years of service then "all of my drive failures have been WD." is saying something very positive about WD. Dt01aca300

YevP The process would simply take us too long. For a given drive we simply count the number of days that drive shows up in our daily log files. Desi Yup, we just had a box of 16 x 3TB Seagate with 6 bad in the first month. Nothing but problems.

The only 3 that have lasted are the 2tb Seagates which are running 4 years now with no problems. St3000dm001 HGST is owned by _WD_. I have never had a issue with WD and had limited issues with seagate.

Same with my LACIE 80GB HDD which is 9 years old now.

You'll also find this drive listed as HDKPC08, which is another number on the label. There you can actually pick the type of drives you want to use. We're chatting with some channel partners to see if that can do it for us along the way, but it's a lot of "time" taken away from our datacenter gang. Backblaze tweeksdisqus Why such a small count of Toshiba and WD drives?

The real one, not the ExtremeTech summary. Cheyno Mdingi You went to mac because of a harddrive brand? Those units fared a little better this time around, with failure rates of 23.8 and 9.6 percent, even though they were the oldest disks in the test (average ages of 4.7 and Samsung still makes there own tv's electronic devices such as phones and tablets and also Solid state drives.

kefoster Haven't heard about this one! all it takes is one bad model that has an issue and an etire brand is labeled as junk for quite awhile. Sad hear that. We have nothing against Toshiba drives, we like to have multiple vendors, but we just have not been able to get the quantity and price we need.

also, the one of the 500's died and was replaced under warranty, as was the 1.5tb. NekoFever View Public Profile Send a private message to NekoFever Find More Posts by NekoFever Zukuu Banned (01-21-2015, 06:34 PM) Quote #8 Is Samsung = Seagate? This acquisition meant there would be more suppliers of 3.5” form factor hard drives than the existing two (Seagate and Western Digital). CrashPlan's java app is a pain but gets the job done and can do so with my own encryption key.

Prior to rebooting, I would hear some "straining" sounds coming from the pc. Q10: Will the Intel SSD Optimizer run automatically? And AFAIR they're replacing faulty drives with exact same drive so one bad model can skew results. First one was Seagate and the second one was Western Digital.

In different sizes and models. That distinguishes it from earlier 3TB HGST drives with smaller platters, which were not made in china. Texxi That's crazy. Milk Manson Agree.